We share our view because we have the same horizon.

Based on agricultural and industrial business, we are a group of companies located in Argentina which offers first quality products and services in all the productive links.

We have a lab to carry out our technological research , a formulation and a production plant and a wide commercial network with high scope in all the region.

We focus on providing solutions and new technologies for the development of a high added value and sustainable agriculture.

Our companies

I&D, technologies and products. Labs, and formulation of laboratory tests of new products.

Retail sales channel.

Focus on seed and adjuvant.

Formulation plant and production line of adjuvants.

Grain and seed production.

Seed process plant.

Classification, technology, packaging and treatment..

Company in Uruguay.

Formulation and distribution of products.

Merchandizing agricultural products.

17 years in the market

120 distribution points across the region

+10 million has. applied per year

75 distributors

+100 staff members

100 external collaborators

2 subsidiaries abroad (Paraguay and Uruguay)


We offer a concept

We empower the production and improve the yield of resources and supplies , so each hectare protected can be a testimony of new times.

We have the capacity to produce our own technology and we help to the development and implementation of agronomical good practices for the rest of the world.

We sell through a model of work that integrates all the chain giving technological solutions to the Farmer.

Estado de Israel 2473
(CP S2004CSE) Rosario,
Santa Fe | Argentina
+54 341 461 1409 | 2756

Nación 47 - Piso 3 - Edificio Astul
(CP B2900AAA) San Nicolás de los Arroyos
Buenos Aires | Argentina
+54 336 44 32 629

Junín 191, Piso 13
(CP S2013DJD) Rosario,
Santa Fe | Argentina